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  • Dana Nielsen

    at 2:33 pm

    3. Back to the bigs for the moment of truth:

    • Once u feel good about your small-speaker balance and have been listening and adjusting and mixing on those for 20mins or more so your ears are totally in that small speaker zone, switch back to big speakers for a real surprise 😱. The low end issues will be extremely apparent now! Keep the faders where they’re at and use Hi-pass, low shelving, and/or bell-curves to reign in subs and lows to taste while remaining confident the bass instruments are still going to speak on the small speaks just the way u had them.
      • pro tip: adding harmonic distortion/saturation often helps low frequencies speak on small speaks!
      • pro tip 2: the TC Elec Clarity meter (or similar) will give a visual representation of lurking low end where it’s unnecessary like vocals etc. Carve that shiz out w no remorse and free up valuable frequency bandwidth for bass instruments that need it.