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  • Dana Nielsen

    at 2:34 pm

    4. Proceed with confidence and discretion:

    • Now that you love your clear, stripped down “essentials” mix on both the bigs and the smalls you are ready to start introducing additional instruments … ONE BY ONE … adding them, in order of importance, to the overall record … giving each new element it’s time in the sun and under the microscope (frequency-wise, balance-wise) making sure each new element fits into and supports the stripped/essentials mix.

    • Don’t be surprised if you find some of these newly-added instruments/parts/overdubs are no longer needed now that you’ve found all the drama and power you need in the song’s core elements! Each new element is just a piece of the puzzle, supporting the core “stripped” mix. If it doesn’t fit or play nice with the core elements consider tossing it back into the puzzle box (muting it for now) and moving on to a different better-fitting piece of the puzzle.