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  • dana

    at 12:26 am

    Oh nice! Yeah I LOVE me some Soothe for sure. Usually tho I’m using it as an insert on super tricky resonant “harsh” sources. I’ll have to try it using a key input (sidechain) from a different source sometime. Is that how you’ve been using it? I’d love to hear more about it!

    I really only set up sidechains very occasionally as I find most situations don’t require them to get the job done (contrary to what u read on the internets haha). When I do set up something like that I’m usually using Fabfilter Pro-MB, like attenuating midrange on an electric guitar whenever the singer starts singing to automatically carve out space for the vocal midrange if the guitar is overlapping in a weird way (by keying a specific pro-mb band via a send from the vocal) … stuff like that. But again… super rare in my mix workflow. I usually would rather just find good static eq settings for each part so they can play nice together without undue shenanigans 🤓.