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  • Dana Nielsen

    at 4:27 pm

    Ooh, love this idea, @JLEW! Can’t wait to hear the sounds you create during your reamp extravaganza! ⚡️⚡️ Here are a few thoughts:

    • It might be difficult to reproduce massive Moog-y sub-y low-end through anything less than an 8×10 cab, lol. Kidding aside … when re-amping things, I’m not always looking for an accurate reproduction from the amp. I’m usually looking for something different from the direct sound … something creative, interesting, mangled, distorted, etc. Often times, I’m hoping to create (or stumble upon) something cool that I can combine, to taste, with the original source. With that in mind, your Princeton will be sick!

    • You could let the direct sound (the MIDI/Softsynth in your DAW) carry the sub low end and dial in something saturated and reverb-y through the amp, getting the best of both worlds
    • You could close-mic the amp, or…
    • You could stereo-mic the room so the amp adds more of a stereo ambience when combined with the direct sound
    • You could record several full passes of the song, each with drastically different amp settings. Then, chop those up into a checkerboard so that parts of different passes are featured in different sections of the song to add contrast. And/or…
    • You could combine those multiple passes into one giant mega-sound, spread across the stereo spectrum for a cool effect
    • You could “perform” the song on the amp in realtime as you’re recording. For example, dial in a clean dark tone for the verse; then, as you’re listening to the song in your headphones, gradually ramp up the drive and brighten the tone during the pre-chorus so by the time the chorus hits it’s all mean and tough; then at the bridge you suddenly blend in a ton of amp reverb for a floaty vibe
    • So many fun things to try! 🎹 🔊

    Have fun, homey!