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  • Dana Nielsen

    at 5:06 pm

    Yeah man, I think the main difference is Mac compatibility on the regular one. If you’re not planning on switching to Apple in the near future the new X USB one would be fine. They both have two UAD processors (i.e. “duo”), tho it looks like you can order the original Twin X in quad configuration too (four processors).

    The original X says it’s linkable with additional apollo units (which is a handy futureproof feature when you want to expand your studio with more inputs). However, I don’t see that option listed for the X USB version. (My guess is this is a data throughput thing only possible with Thunderbolt).

    Also worth noting (tho not that important) is the X version comes with “legacy” plugins whereas the X USB comes with the newer “heritage” plugin versions. Honestly, this is just naming/marketing… both plugin sets will be robust and awesome and similar.

    Hope this helps! Stoked for your new studio gear!