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  • Dana Nielsen

    at 12:24 pm

    Hahah, what a great informative hilarious reply @Jon_Plett 😂 – and very true, there are lots of really good interface options on the market these days! I would also even add the Focusrite stuff! All of my system sounds and most of my voiceover for video/zoom etc all is done on a Focusrite Scarlet 6i6 and I’ve got no complaints whatsoever about that thing!

    @KNGGRG the preamps in the UAD are amazing – probably one of their strongest attributes! I love the UAD interfaces. They do, however, tend to be some of the most expensive when compared to other brands with similar number of inputs and outputs. This is due to the built-in processors used to run their proprietary UAD plugins. UAD make very high quality plugins and they’re very popular, but they’re not “mandatory” haha. There are lots of other brands of interfaces on the market, as mentioned by Jon, that will perform well if you find you’re not satisfied with the UAD.