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    at 9:08 am

    This is great.
    Can’t really add to what @dana is saying…. is everyones first sentance before they add their two cents 😂. Haha.

    I find when the ac gtr is the main focus of the song, I struggle more with it more than if it’s a supporting role. I find it harder to hide edits, sound full, but yet not over produced…etc (and mask some peoples heavy breathing 🤦‍♂️)

    If I recorded the tune, I’ll usually use two mic’s (sonically different) and a DI. Record two final passes (two different guitars if possible), treat each pass (3 sound sources) as one via summing folder, and pan. Often the DI doesn’t get used, but if I’m using only one guitar for both final takes, I might want more sonic differentiation and I’ll run it through a amp sim or maybe grit it up a bit with a saturation plug in.

    I do some basic “corrective” EQ on individual tracks, and bigger tone shaping moves on the bus.

    Voc + Acgtr tracks scare me. It’s so exposed haha. Hence my love for the Natural Production course. Really helped me in a timely fashion while working on a set of tunes of exactly that.