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  • James Snodgrass

    at 3:19 pm

    Hello Protege’s,

    (sorry about the double spacing; copied from Notes; don’t know how to fix it)

    This is my first-ever post. I noticed this in Dana’s Friday Fader e-mail yesterday:

    “And to the rest of you talented, creative sonic explorers – yeah you, James 😉: “

    A check of the Prot member list indicates that I’m the only James.

    Geez! I’ been called out! I need to show up.

    First, Can’t really add to what @dana is saying…. (copied from Jon’s response).

    I do, however, have a quick show and tell.

    In truth, I have recorded very little acoustic guitar, and none of it in rock or pop (ironic given my upbringing). However, I’ve been fortunate enough to have recorded an excellent classical guitarist, Alex Park, a handful of times over the past couple of years.

    Go here.


    If the link doesn’t work, copy/paste the following in the YouTube search:

    MidDay At Grace – Maegan McConnell and Alex Park

    If you have 5 minutes, it’s well worth it. Go to 18:30.

    If not, go to 18:30. Listen for half a minute. Go to 19:50. Listen for half a minute.

    As you can see, in a church, 2 Octava’s in a 3D-printed ORTF; just one stereo track.

    (Love those Octava’s.)

    No room mic; just reverb in the box. Yes, a tiny bit of roomy signal from that condenser at the left.

    No, not really anything bleed from that amp.

    OK, you guys are probably all working in studio so maybe this doesn’t apply to you at all but, like I said,

    I needed to show up! Thanks for listening.

    (future responses will be more abbreviated, and single-spaced)