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  • James Snodgrass

    at 9:02 am

    Dana, thank you so much for that reply, and those great suggestions.

    I had to smack myself on the forehead, having neglected to mention that the guitar is purposely shifted slightly to the right. In other parts of the video Alex accompanies an excellent, singer Maegan McConnell. My goal was to create that “you are there” feeling acoustically, to put the guitar and the voice sonically about where they would be visually on the screen. Hopefully, I got some of that.

    Regarding compression, I can’t tell forensically what the settings were on my F6. However, there is a BF – 2A on the guitar track in the session (gain – 45/ peak reduction – 50). I will go back in an experiment with those settings.

    That mic clip can be found at jmacoustic.com along with a bunch of other cool ones. (I noticed that the site is “Not Secure”, so exercise proper digital hygiene during payment.)

    Thanks again!