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  • Dana Nielsen

    at 2:57 pm

    @bryan!! So glad you’re here, and thanks for starting this thread — a topic I love and am always researching and experimenting with. My fav tools for mix review and collaboration are:

    • Muse — amazing, and I don’t understand how it’s free! For me, it replaces a lot of other software for virtual meetups, cause it includes chat, video cam, screen share, remote screen control, etc. I tend to use Muse for 1:1 consulting and songwriting collabs.
    • Source Nexus Suite — I’ve used Nexus for many years for mix streaming/approvals as well as remote recording/mixing. And now it’s more powerful than ever w/ the new “Suite” of tools they’ve released. There’s a free option, but you’ll prob end up wanting the paid option for all the bells and whistles. Nexus suite has vid, chat, screenshare, insanely flexible virtual soundcard driver and router (replacing Loopback software), works entirely in web browser so clients don’t need to download any software. It’s also got the best audio quality w least amount of artifacts and dropouts based on my experience. This is what I use when I’m presenting to high profile clients. Very clean interface, I pay all costs for the service so my clients have a great, easy experience when joining my listening sessions. FWIW u can see me demo’ing Nexus in response to a Mix Protege thread about mixing live on iphone (which is a super cool hack!)

    Would love to hear about anyone else’s preferred methods for remote mix review and online collaboration! 💻