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  • phillip broussard

    at 2:06 pm

    HI Michael,

    Great track and nice work so far! Its in a great spot.

    Just a couple things come to mind for me.

    I feel the drums are a bit too loud or maybe try and turn the guitars and bass up. The chugging in the verses needs to be driving more with the drums.

    The pop up riff gtrs on each side are killer, and sound a bit too wet. Dry them up a touch and turn them up, they’re little catchy riffs that act as punctuation!

    The distorted vocal effect while I think is cool and apropos, it needs to be focused more. (less low end – more mids).

    The vocal is too quiet in the 2nd verse. But overall I feel like she could come up a bit in the entire song. She could really stand out more.

    While I also feel the chorus’ jump out fine, wondering if the Pre Chs’ could stand some more automation and have those be a bit more aggressive into the drum fill?

    I like the track and where it is. These are some suggestions only. They may or may not work either.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Look forward to hearing your completed mix.