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  • David Maroul

    at 7:31 pm

    For better or worse, I’ve always used the studio as another instrument to be creative with (rather than just capture performance). Actually, I think the reason I ever began recording/ engineering/ mixing etc. ( In 1980 on a Teac A3440 purchased from my Air Force Base Exchange for $799.00 on credit which was a fortune to me at the time as a 1 stripe Airman haha) was the freedom to be more creative as an artist/ producer. In turn, I am all for experimenting, (breaking rules is half the fun for me 😃) and pushing the gear (plug-ins) past their limits… just to see. You never know what amazing tricks you will learn or sounds you might stumble across. Also, some of my greatest recording moments have been accidents. Thanks Dana for this excellent quick review on limiting!