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  • Pete Widin

    at 7:49 am

    Hey y’all – love this topic, and appreciate the insights laid out thus far.

    As a side note, I think I’ve noticed that different parametric EQs – for example in comparing the stock Logic ChannelEQ vs the InfinityEQ from Slate, seem to have varying ability to truly cut frequencies to the level I’m trying to eliminate them.

    For example, when using the ChannelEQ and also InfinityEQ, if I slap a hi pass filter on there trying to cut like 80Hz and below out of an electric guitar, I notice when pulling up another parametric EQ later in the chain that some of these lower-end/cheaper EQ plugs may not catch everything.

    That being said, it may not be necessary or even preferable to have a true void below 80Hz in this case, depending on what the mix calls for and whether that bit of low end leak off a guitar positively blends or muddies the overall sound. Just wanted to share that I wonder if higher end EQs like the FabFilter ProQ3 may be better at truly cutting things out than stock level plugins.

    I think that, to some extent, this level of detail that I’m referring to is starting to get into the arena of mastering, and I’m aware to not let it slow me down too much with second-guessing during mixing.