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  • Jesse Lewis

    at 6:31 am

    Yo Paul! This is great and very helpful to hear your perspective and input! I can dig what you are saying!

    ps – I too just started tinkering with ozone 11, and I’m finding it to be such a cool tool, especially for some instructional value. I often find that when it’s master assistant AI renders my track it sounds really over the top and often not the direction I might go in/where my ear would lean, but it’s so cool to look under the hood and see all of the things it’s doing. I find myself often seeing things it does that I hadn’t thought of and going back and addressing them.

    I got the entire suite on a super sale about 6 months ago but am just finally getting into it now. The RX 10 is INSANE!!! Such a game changer for me, because my home studio has so many noises and sounds from my heater or noises from outside that often ruin takes. With that spectral repair module I can just take them out so easily! Magic haha

    All this learning is such fun indeed!