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  • Jesse Lewis

    at 6:50 am

    Dana and Paul! Thank you guys for providing all of your insights on this.

    Dana – I read you response to Dewey in the Limiter thread and you addressed some of my questions there. It sounds like generally you try to get your mix to communicate everything without inserts on your master bus, and use the limiter to send a loud version to your clients (but take it off before sending to master engineer). It sounds like sometimes (but not always?) you add some subtle EQ, stereo imaging stuff (like bass mono) or saturation if you are hearing it as part of the finished sound of the track and don’t want to leave that up to mastering engineer?

    I guess the crux of my original question is kind of more based on curiosity about standard “pro” practice. Because I am just mixing and mastering my own tracks there’s never a consideration of the mastering engineer, in every case I mix my track first and then master it (usually some kind of subtle EQ, a gentle glue compression, possibly some color/saturation, and finally the limiter.

    I wasn’t sure if in the “pro” world you would typically leave ALL of the master channel processing to the mastering engineer? Or if you sometimes include your own eq, compression, etc BEFORE the mastering engineer gets it.

    I’m guessing it depends?