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  • Christopher Dunston

    at 11:47 pm

    Hey Jon,

    In addition to my studio monitors, I use the Slate VSX all the time with my mixes! What I found out is I can get a mix done a lot faster and more accurately/translatable than using my monitors by themselves. I love being able to reference (producing/mixing/mastering) on different monitors, in the club, and car without having to leave my desk. I think they are a great investment.

    My Personal Favorite Rooms to Produce/Mix/Reference are: The Archon (ATCs), Zuma (When I’m producing), Mike Dean’s Studio (NS10s), Yellow Matter Studios, and the Club, Luxury Car. I also like using the earbuds reference as well!

    I HIGHLY RECOMMEND these! You can Produce/Mix/Master anywhere in the universe! Get a pair