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  • Christopher Dunston

    at 12:13 am

    @dana I second that! I primarily produce/record/mix R&B, Pop, and Hip Hop records all in the box and the RVox, RComp as well any one of the LA2A/Distressor/1176 Compressors are my goto’s! I REALLY like to use the 1176 Blue -> LA2A (in Limit mode with 1-3 Db of Gain Reduction for Control/ Smoothness). I primarily use the Slate Digital ones, but I like the ones by UAD and IK Multimedia as well. They all have different flavors.

    A classic, but goodie, a lot of people (including me) use for R&B/Hip Hop vocals is the Waves H-Comp as well!

    I also really like using the RVox on Background Vocals and to give the Lead a little more bite. Another Secret Weapon I will share on Vocals is a plugin called Lush Vox. It’s like a parallel compressor plugin that you dial in with a slide, but it makes a huge difference in making vocals more present.