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4. Track Layout

Arrange the tracks vertically.
– Start with the drums, do broad strokes first. Put all the drums together followed by Bass, BGVs, Vocals and all other stuff go toward the bottom.

Tip: Use the track list to move tracks quickly

Pull BGV down to the bottom

This will be the order




Step 4

Figure out the next instrument if it’s keyboard focused song, guitar focused song. Whatever the main element that’s the root of the song will be go after the bass.

In this track sample the the priority layout is Keyboard so it will go after the bass. Then followed by guitars.

Step 5

To determine the other element prioritization, blow up the waveforms a bit to see what’s going on.

Pro Tip: Use command option brackets to make the waveforms larger or smaller.

Step 6

Always set the zoom to single zoom.

With this, if you’re in the smart tool or any other tool you can easily double click the zoom to get the waveforms all reset and Pro tools will automatically go back to the previous tool you’ve been using.

Step 7

Arrange the instruments based on when they enter.

Like this sample, this guitar enters before the others

Cascade these into where they enter

Do broad strokes again and move it like this.

Step 8 

Go through other elements if they are already arranged, arrange them if needed.

Keep the synths and the keyboards together.

As well as the guitars then strings.

Then Lead vocals followed by BGVs

Keyboard shortcuts, track presets, Pro Tools session, I/O Settings, and more available in the PREP SCHOOL Toolkit:

Download the Toolkit