Studio NVP Toolkit

Included in the 1.5 GB Toolkit

  • My entire Pro Tools session files (“before” and “after” comping/tuning/mixing/mastering)
  • 15 of my most used Pro Tools shortcuts (mac and pc)
  • Josh Dell’s original raw takes (stems) for you to try your own comp/tune/mix of his song “Burn” in any DAW
  • All my plugin settings, automation, and routing
  • My custom Pro Tools Track Presets used in the course for mix print routing and lead vocal FX
  • Song lyrics (in .rtf and .pages formats)
  • BONUS VIDEO: Me describing optimal mic positioning to Josh
  • BONUS VIDEO: Footage of Josh recording an actual full take used in the course
  • Melodyne software version comparison chart
  • Pro Tools software version comparison chart
NVP Toolkit Welcome Image