🎚️ Friday Fader: 4-Steps to EQ ANYTHING!

Salutations, studio savages!

Rip open that Costco-sized bag of Halloween candy you “bought for tricker treaters” and strap-in for a sugar rush… it’s time for the Friday Fader – your weekly recap of Mix Protégé sweetness.

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Hearing EQ anomalies and what to do about it

Lucas Lee is curious why the same EQ model made by two different plug-in manufacturers can sound so different from each other. I responded with WHY that phenomenon exists, WHAT exactly I do about it, PLUS my 4-step process I use to EQ everythingread more

🔎 Jesse Lewis lit up the Member Spotlight this week with a brand new, awe-inspiring, instrumental track ❤️‍🔥 showcasing the Arturia Moog soft-synth he’s been re-amping through a Princeton Reverb amp. Be sure to check it out and weigh in with your constructive ideas and high fives!

👻 And let’s hear it for our awesome new members this week, Lucas Lee and Casey Nielsen! (Casey, a.k.a. my uber-talented brother-from-the-same-mother, a.k.a. “Kwas”, a.k.a. “Special Guy” – love u, bro bro!) I’m super pumped both Casey and Lucas have joined us. 🤗 Take a moment to fill out your profiles with pics and info so we can get to know ya better!

🎬 Lastly, a reminder to watch the latest livestream replay before it’s gone!

Have a superb Friday, yall!

Faders forever,


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