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Trash those prefs and zap the P-RAM, it’s time for the Friday Fader [Saturday Edition 🤦🏻‍♂️😂] – your weekly recap of Mix Protégé haps!

Whelp, we survived a spooky October Friday The 13th and no one in a hockey mask chased me through the woods in my bikini. Or through an abandoned gymnasium in my shiny red pajama onesie. Maybe next year…

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🎚️ Jesse Lewis is re-amping an Arturia Moog softsynth through his Princeton reverb amplifier and pinged the Mixing Forum for advice and suggestions. Just the thought of this got me all fired up to respond:

🤔 What is re-amping anyway?

Re-amping is the super-fun process of sending a pre-recorded performance from your DAW (or other recording device) out to a physical amplifier or speaker so that you can effect the sound in new exciting ways. When recording electric guitars for example I always try to record two channels: the mic(s) positioned at the amp, and a clean DI straight from the guitar using the “through” jack on the DI box. While I don’t typically monitor the DI as part of the guitar sound, it can come in handy down the road if I ever want to dial in a new amp setting for the song. Enter: Re-amping! You can send that recorded DI signal out of your DAW and back into an amp using a handy tool like this, and dial in a completely new amp sound!

It’s totally spooky and surreal the first time you try re-amping the nuanced performance of a musician who is no longer with you physically in the studio — It’s like their ghost is right there in the live room, shredding that sick solo you’ve heard a hundred times while editing/mixing, but is now ripping through a Marshall stack set to 11 instead of the 6″ Peavy practice amp you recorded during the initial writing session at your home studio. Ghostly re-amp studio MAGIC!

Re-amping is also a fun way to make use of your snazzy pedalboard effects. Got a dresser drawer full of crusty distortion, phaser, delay, and reverb pedals? With a re-amp box you can breathe new life into those pawn shop relics by hookin’ em up to yer dang DAW! You’ll be the Silverlake savant, indie darling, talk of the town, and your bedroom producer friends will Ibanez green with envy.

🔍 Jon Plett would love your feedback, comments and suggestions on a commercial country mix he’s shared on the Mixing Forum. Click the link to read my thoughts and suggestions (I think Jon’s doing a pretty damn good job!) Have yourself a listen and offer up some tips, thoughts, and props!

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