Live Replay: Mixing “Hope” with Ike Sturm

Mix Protégé LIVE: Mixing “Hope” w/ Ike Sturm | December 13, 2023

In this live mixing session streamed from my Los Angeles studio, I take you through the entire process of mixing ‘Hope,’ a captivating movement from Ike Sturm’s upcoming album-length composition, RIVER, set for release in 2024, featuring a dynamic large ensemble.

I encountered a couple tech hurdles here and there while trying out my new Vimeo livestream tools, and unfortunately I haven’t yet figured out a way to embed our live chat here so … 

... I guess that's just one of the perks of attending LIVE - you can yuck it up with me and my guests and get your burning mix questions answered on camera as you follow along and engage in the chat!

In this livestream you'll learn about:

More about Ike Sturm:

Renowned bassist and composer Ike Sturm stands as a luminary in the contemporary jazz scene. With an impressive discography featuring collaborations with jazz greats like Kenny Wheeler, Bobby McFerrin and Donny McCaslin, Ike’s prowess extends beyond conventional boundaries. 

His tenure as Music Director for the Jazz Ministry at Saint Peter’s Church in Manhattan from 2004-2021 saw the creation of the Jazz Mass, a critically acclaimed work that seamlessly blends diverse musical languages. Beyond the jazz spectrum, Ike’s ambient acoustic duo, Endless Field, embraces a unique approach to music and environmental activism, recording live in the wilderness using solar power. The duo’s latest endeavor, a wilderness record crafted in the heart of Alaska, adds another dimension to Ike’s multifaceted artistic journey. 

As anticipation builds for his upcoming release, “RIVER,” a monumental 16-movement composition, Ike continues to push boundaries and redefine the intersections of music and nature.

Ike Sturm | Bassist, Composer

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