Black Friday Roundup

Let's help each other through this hyper-cyber weekend and win-win!

Refresh this page to see your submission(s) appear on the list (table) below.  Also, drop me a comment below or a DM if you’d like me to add new Categories, clarify, correct or improve this form or the table.  I want this to be as helpful to us all as possible!


  1. This is so cool; wish I would have paid attention earlier. I did end up getting a couple UAD plugins for cheap and the NI O-Zone for free.

    1. Fantastic, @KNGGRG – the UAD and NI/izotope tools are awesome! Hope you get a lot of great use out of them!

  2. IMPOSCAR! @smoothygroove blast from the past – I used to have that synth! Cant wait to check that out (again 😂), thanks for that!

    1. I literally have an old iMac, running Mavericks, whose sole purpose is to run Ableton 8 with ImPoscar, v1, without a keyboard 😄!. Buh Bye

        1. That’s amazing! Man, I just spent a couple of hours sitting down with it, and going through all of the new presets, for some upcoming tension cues that I’m writing. I found about probably 50 that I’ll definitely use😄. Work’s great in Sonoma, w/o Rosetta. It’s literally the first synth that I ever bought, so it has a soft place in my ❤️

          1. Sooo cool! I can’t wait to dive (back) into that thing. Defs share one of your new Imposcar-y cues on the Member Spotlight forum if u feel linclined – would love to hear!

            So far here are my Cyber Weekend indulgences:
            – Imposcar (thanks to u)
            – Oeksound Spiff
            – VPS Avenger 2 upgrade (incredible synth, incredible presets)
            – Cradle God Particle
            – Glamsquad 1-hour in-home makeup application (for my wife for Christmas … I promise 🤣)
            – Soundradix total bundle
            – Source Elements Nexus Suite upgrade
            – Matadorr Sound sample packs
            – Waves Silk (free)
            – Skybox Audio sample packs (I’m one of the co-founders of this amazing company so this doesn’t really count, but I DID pay for the downloads just to test the payment processing lol)

          1. I sure did!!! Haven’t installed it or tried it yet tho … hope it’s cool!

  3. My pleasure, Dana! There are lots of other good Black Friday sales, but I especially wanted to share the Sale items I found that are related to vocal production.

    1. Fantastic! Thanks again. I look fwd to getting to know ya in the forums and livestreams etc here, and really hope u dig the NVP course! I’m about to add my Black Friday watchlist here as well …

  4. @Kirby, these are amazing additions!!! I can’t wait to look into all these – thanks so much for sharing!

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