Strymon BigSky Plugin: Reverb Review

Strymon BigSky Reverb Plugin

Follow along as I create a new song using the Strymon BigSky plug-in on every track!

The geniuses at Strymon have released a plug-in version of their universally beloved BigSky Reverb pedal and I was very fortunate to get an advance copy to test out in my studio.  The Strymon BigSky plugin absolutely delivers – Mind blown!  

In this video I create a new track from scratch entirely inspired by BigSky’s lush and tantalizing “tails”.  It was a blast to make this piece of music and what better way for me to get to know all this incredible reverb plugin has to offer than diving right in and discovering it as I create something new?

Has the Strymon BigSky plugin become my new go-to reverb?  Watch the video to find out!

A deep-dive into the Strymon BigSky reverb plugin

Video Chapters:

00:00  Intro / Track Teaser
00:40  Skybox Audio Dulcitone / Cloud, Chorale, Shimmer Engines
02:58  Settings Stay With Engine
03:50  Sampling Vocals Into MAKEN0ISE Morphagene
06:12  Turning Vocal “BigSky” sample into a playable instrument using Drop Designer
07:00  Composing track with Pad and Dulcitone
08:04  Processing Drums with BigSky
08:40  Shimmer Drum Room
10:40  Chorale Drums
11:48  Processing Violin and Strings with BigSky Random and Swell Engines
12:45  Reverb Tails Assessment
13:11  Bass Synth Processing with Magneto and Non-Linear Engines
13:52  Claps and Percussion Processing with Room Engine
14:44  Track Deconstruction and Overview
16:22  Transition FX using the Non-Linear Engine
18:09  Final Track Playback and Dance Party!!

Listen to my finished song

Featuring the Strymon BigSky Reverb on every instrument and vocal!

Did you know?

BigSky Halleywood is the opening track in my Natural Vocal Production course trailer?  Check it out!

Natural Vocal Production course trailer thumbnail: Splitscreen with Pro Tools mixer on left, Dana at console with hands extended wearing blue hoodie

Did you know?

BigSky Halleywood is the opening track in my Natural Vocal Production course trailer?  Check it out!

A Brief History of Strymon

Strymon, a company renowned for its high-quality effects units, was founded with a mission to create innovative, boutique audio effects that cater to musicians seeking the finest tones. Born out of Damage Control Engineering, a company known for its tube-driven effects, Strymon emerged as a distinct brand in 2009. Their dedication to crafting meticulously designed pedals quickly garnered a loyal following among guitarists and audio enthusiasts. With a focus on leveraging cutting-edge technology while maintaining an analog heart, Strymon’s products are celebrated for their pristine sound quality and reliability, making them a staple in studios and live performances worldwide.

Strymon logo, white text on black background
Strymon logo

The Strymon BigSky Reverb Pedal

Among Strymon’s lineup, the BigSky Reverb pedal stands out as a flagship product that has redefined what a reverb pedal can do. Released in 2013, BigSky quickly gained a reputation for its lush, expansive reverb algorithms and versatile functionality. It offers a variety of reverb types, from traditional spring and plate to more experimental textures, all delivered with an exceptional level of detail and depth. BigSky’s intuitive interface and extensive customization options made it a favorite among professional musicians and producers, cementing its status as an essential tool for crafting immersive soundscapes.

Overhead view of Strymon BigSky reverb effects pedal, blue pedal with black knobs and silver buttons on a white background
Strymon BigSky reverb pedal

The Strymon BigSky Reverb Plugin

Building on the success of their hardware, Strymon ventured into the world of software plug-ins, allowing their celebrated effects to be used within any Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). The BigSky reverb plug-in faithfully replicates the hardware’s renowned algorithms, providing the same rich, atmospheric reverbs in a digital format. Alongside BigSky, Strymon has also introduced other software versions of their popular pedals, such as Deco, which emulates classic tape effects. These plug-ins offer the same high-quality sound and user-friendly interfaces as their physical counterparts, making Strymon’s legendary tones more accessible to a broader audience of music producers and engineers.

User interface of Strymon BigSky plugin reverb
Strymon BigSky Plugin

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