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  • Jesse Lewis

    at 2:51 pm

    Hey Jon!

    I think this mix sounds fabulous! I’m definitely no pro by any means so I wish I could offer more constructive feedback but it really does sound very good to me. If this came on the radio I wouldn’t question it at all!

    A couple things that jumped out at me while listening very critically was the noise floor in the beginning and end was somewhat noticeable and maybe took me out of the moment a bit? (is it in the acoustic guitar mics?) (***Curious if anyone knows of a solution to this? Would it be a noise gate? or some kind of RX or something? Inquiring minds want to know haha)

    I also felt that the short section right after the guitar solo (from 2:03-2:09) possibly lacked a little presence somehow? Maybe the bass could come up slightly??? Not sure tho…

    Again – this mix totally rocks, I wish I could mix like you!

    Best Wishes,



      at 6:54 am

      My guy! Thank you for the kind words 🙏

      Thank you for pointing out the section post solo. I’ll look into that and see how I can make it a bit more special.

      This was a bit of a dream scenario as I’m starting with very well recorded and cleaned up tracks. I also spent about 30 hrs on it. So not a realistic “work” scenario I’d say 😂

      Listening back after stepping a way for a few days. I want to readdress V2 and maybe tuck the agtr back a bit and automate some of the lead egtr stuff. And of course revisit the post solo section you mentioned.

      Thanks again, Jesse. Really appreciate you taking the time to listen and provide feedback to help me progress.

  • Dana Nielsen

    at 10:54 pm

    Really lookin fwd to listening to this, @Jon_Plett! 🤘🤘 Will circle back soon – thanks for sharing! And thanks @JLEW for your sweet feedback!

    • Dana Nielsen

      at 1:49 pm

      @Jon_Plett, will you try something for me? Can you edit your original post and instead of using the dropbox link could you try using the “attach files” button and see if you can upload an mp3 of your mix? That way, your mix and mix progress will be saved on the site here for future readers to learn from. (currently, as folks change or delete their dropbox items, many shared mixes are no longer available, so this method might help!). Mucho mucho thanks!

      • JON PLETT

        at 5:29 pm

        Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find how to edit a published post. But I’ll throw it here for now. If I sort it out, I’ll certainly edit the OP with the attachment.

        • Dana Nielsen

          at 5:49 pm

          Try the 3 dots menu for “Edit Post”. It’s possible that only I have that option as admin? 🤷🏻‍♂️. Lemme know, man, thanks! And thanks for trying out the mp3 file attachment – that’s perfect, and I think will be the best route moving forward 🙌


      at 7:08 am

      Yeah, it must be an admin-only feature.

  • Dana Nielsen

    at 5:59 pm

    DUDE!! Fantastic work here, man!!! Seriously, great job. Here are a few things that came to mind:

    • the telephone effect on the intro vocal is cool but I expected the vocal to become more full-range hi-fi once the band entered (or was the stem sent w/ the radio/telephone voc effect baked in throughout?). If ur the one adding that cool effect, I’d try leaving it on for the intro and outro but let him be hi-fi “classy expensive” vocal sound for the main part of the song
    • Kick attack and top end sounds sick – the drum kit in general sounds fab! Makes sense … you’re a drummer! haha. The snare is rich and beefy and full of body, but has way less top end than the kick and rest of kit. Maybe try adding some 5-10k to that snare to match the top-end profile of the kick? Or a diff route could be to dial back the top end on the Kick, but then add a healthy 5-10k boost on the entire kit sound altogether.
    • If that acoustic guitar in the center plays throughout the song u could try boosting that, as it gets lost in the sauce at times.

    Again tho, amazing work @Jon_Plett!!! Keep it up!!


      at 7:18 am

      Hey man! Thanks so much for checking it out and providing feedback
      – Voc phone effect – Yeah, it was printed like that. I fought with it a bunch to try to make it brighter, but it always seemed too forced and ended up getting weird. Like I was boosting hi’s that didn’t seem to exist in his voc track 😔
      – Snare Top End – This is great. I’ve never thought about that relationship before.
      I’ll play with both suggestions, taming the top end of the kick to match the snare and bringing the snare snap up to meet the kick and see which seems to play nicer.
      – Agtr – Great! In Mix1 I had the acgtr a little hotter, Mix2 I brought it down in V2 because I was afraid it was getting monotonous. I’ll give that guy the stage that I so ruthlessly took away.

      As always, thanks SO much for the feedback @dana. This along with the courses has been helping me tremendously. 🙏

      • Dana Nielsen

        at 8:30 pm

        Love it man – so happy you’re getting lots out of the community and courses. That means a lot to me 🤗. And … you’re crushing it! Keep up the awesome work, @Jon_Plett, and look fwd to hearing what u do next!

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