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  • JZ mics on VOCALS: V67, V12, and BH2

    Posted by Dana Nielsen on at 3:25 am

    Made a quick video comparing a few of my JZ mics. Lemme know what ya think!

    The differences between them are subtle, especially if you’re listening on phone or laptop… which kinda proves an important point I often reiterate to folks struggling to decide on “the best vocal mic”.

    The pro audio pundits of the internet would have you believe that the fate of your future recordings hangs in the balance of one critical decision: finding “the perfect vocal mic”. Don’t believe the hype. At the very least, don’t get paralyzed fearing you’ll make the “wrong choice” and will be stuck forever with a mic that makes you sound poopy.

    The fact is these days there are so many incredible microphones on the market in a variety of price ranges. If you’re considering a mic purchase – especially if it’s your first – here are a few things to remember:

    1. Chances are, all the mics you’re considering are great and you’ll find happiness.
    2. There will be more microphones in your future; this is just one.
    3. I’ve never met a mic I didn’t have a great time using and felt satisfied with the result, unless it’s broken or needs repair.
    4. Sometimes inexpensive mics outperform expensive ones. “Vintage” and/or “expensive” isn’t always better.

    If I only had ONE microphone and knew I’d be using it on a wide variety of sound sources I’d choose a large-diaphragm condensor, preferably with multiple polar patterns and a 10dB pad, otherwise fixed cardioid would do just fine.

    All three of these JZ mics fit that description and I would be perfectly happy with any one of them as my “one and only” all-purpose mic.


    Do you have a favorite all-purpose mic? Share your thoughts and suggestions in the thread!


    Dana Nielsen replied 9 months, 1 week ago 2 Members · 2 Replies
  • 2 Replies
  • Nancy Nichols

    at 3:54 pm

    Interesting demonstration and discussion, Dana. If recording my voice, I’d probably choose the first one, especially for spoken word. The sound seems warm and clear without overwhelming listeners. Do you agree or have other suggestions? MoM

    • Dana Nielsen

      at 12:54 am

      Well hello there, @MoM! What a nice surprise! I think all of these mics would sound perfect on your sweet voice and the V67 would be a winning choice! Hey, that rhymed!

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