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  • Microphone recommendations

    Posted by Jesse Lewis on at 4:40 pm

    Hey MP Fam!

    I’ve just sold some old gear that I don’t use anymore and am looking to get a few more mics for recording larger projects (I recently acquired an 8 channel interface so I have more I/O now:)

    First – to circle back on a previous thread – I was thinking about getting a “matched” pair of small diaphragm condenser microphones — mainly to record my acoustic guitar in stereo using XY set up, but also potentially for drum overhead, or even just for stereo mic-ing anything.

    My question is – do I need to purchase the microphones as a matched pair? Is that best practice? Or can I just buy two of the same microphone?

    My total budget would be around $1,000 for mics so I’m looking for your “secret weapon” recs – that is mics that sound great but aren’t super expensive. I’ll likely be bringing them into the woods with me anyways so I’m looking for mics that I wouldn’t cry too hard if the fell into a river or something haha.

    Would love recs on a matched pair, an omni mic, and a large diaphragm condenser too. Are there any mics that you all know about that I could change the polar pattern on, kind of a mic that could cover several polar pattern options in one mic?

    Looking forward to hear what you recommend for me to check out.

    Thanks in advance



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