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  • Dana Nielsen

    at 5:59 pm

    DUDE!! Fantastic work here, man!!! Seriously, great job. Here are a few things that came to mind:

    • the telephone effect on the intro vocal is cool but I expected the vocal to become more full-range hi-fi once the band entered (or was the stem sent w/ the radio/telephone voc effect baked in throughout?). If ur the one adding that cool effect, I’d try leaving it on for the intro and outro but let him be hi-fi “classy expensive” vocal sound for the main part of the song
    • Kick attack and top end sounds sick – the drum kit in general sounds fab! Makes sense … you’re a drummer! haha. The snare is rich and beefy and full of body, but has way less top end than the kick and rest of kit. Maybe try adding some 5-10k to that snare to match the top-end profile of the kick? Or a diff route could be to dial back the top end on the Kick, but then add a healthy 5-10k boost on the entire kit sound altogether.
    • If that acoustic guitar in the center plays throughout the song u could try boosting that, as it gets lost in the sauce at times.

    Again tho, amazing work @Jon_Plett!!! Keep it up!!