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  • David Maroul

    at 3:20 pm

    Awesome! thanks Dana. I wasn’t aware of much of what you shared. Especially diff audio quality for the free & paid tiers and I do tend to focus on Spotify (& use the free Spotify app on my desktop since it doesn’t restrict you on skips etc. like on mobile). I too turn the normalization off (primarily because I want to hear the level that the artist actually uploaded) but I was not aware of a further diminished audio for my freeloader status 😅. Makes sense though.

    I think I’ve read Tidal has high audio quality for one of their paid tiers as well.

    I am going to pick up Streamliner now.

    Do artists/ labels/ mastering engineers create different versions for different platforms?

    I know vinyl requires its’s own master because of (low end) freq limitations on the actual physical vinyl.

    Curious about the level of detail when it comes to different streaming platforms?

    Thanks again, Dana!