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2. Creating the Pro Tools Session

Step 1

Create a new Pro Tools session.

Step 2

Choose Pro Tools session settings to match the stems file type and audio resolution

Step 3

Select stereo “Interleaved” and “Prompt for Location” – Hit Create

Step 4 

Save the session inside the master project folder alongside the stems folder

Step 5

Move the stems folder into its corresponding song folder alongside the Pro Tools session

Step 6

Grab all the stems. Hit command + a to select all the stems and drag them onto the Edit Window timeline. Position near but not exactly at the beginning of the timeline. Don’t drag stems to 0:00.

Step 7

Verify the Audio Files folder is still empty and no duplicate files have been created

Keyboard shortcuts, track presets, Pro Tools session, I/O Settings, and more available in the PREP SCHOOL Toolkit (available in chapters 3 through 13 with course purchase)