Sync Gems Podcast: Working With Rick Rubin, Staying Humble & Going The Extra Mile w/ Dana Nielsen

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Sync Gems Podcast Episode 41: Working With Rick Rubin, Staying Humble & Going The Extra Mile w/ Dana Nielsen  |  August 16, 2023

I’m so thrilled to share this very fun, long-overdue conversation with music producer, multi-instrumentalist, Roy Matz for Episode 41 of his fantastic Sync Gems podcast. 

Roy is a music producer, performer, rapper and multi-instrumentalist originally from Israel. He and I met in Vo Williams’ Advanced Sync Strategies course in the Ari’s Take Academy, and we immediately hit it off over a shared love of music production, sync licensing, and … surfing!

I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did!  

Be sure to check out Roy’s other podcast episodes for additional inspiring convos about sync licensing, production, music business, and more.

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Roy Matz | Sync Gems Podcast

In this episode you'll learn about:

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Learn more about Roy Matz at www.roymatz.com

Learn more about me, and hire me to produce, record, and/or mix your next project at www.dananielsen.com

And if you’d like to learn HOW I produce, record and mix so you can follow along and do it yourself, you are in the right place!  Right here on Mixprotege.com 

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