Capturing Hit Record Moments: Vocal Production Tips with Dana Nielsen

I’m thrilled to share this amazing conversation with Travis Ference for Episode 107 of his wonderful Progressions podcast!  This was such a fun hang as Travis and I covered a wide range of topics, tips, techniques, stories and philosophies for engineers, mixers, musicians and producers.  Enjoy!

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Host with the most: Travis Ference

Travis Ference is a Grammy nominated mixer, producer, and recording engineer based out of Los Angeles, CA. With nearly two decades of experience in the record business he has worked on multiple #1 albums, several top 10’s, numerous RIAA platinum and gold certified records, as well as hit TV shows and blockbuster films. His work can be heard on more than 15 million albums sold worldwide and over 1 billion streams.

I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did!  

Be sure to check out Travis’ other podcast episodes for additional inspiring convos about recording, mixing, production, music business, and more.

Black and white photo of recording engineer and podcast host, Travis Ference
Travis Ference | Progressions Podcast

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