Brainworx BX_Clipper

Clippers ... not just for hair anymore

Audio “clippers” seem to be all the rage these days so I took one for a spin … and LOVED it!  

The Brainworx BX_Clipper did just what I needed.  In the above video I show you how a clipper can whip a transient-laden drums stem into a roaring, tightly-caged beast – simultaneously INCREASING perceived loudness while DECREASING the overall gain sent to your mix bus.  Win-win!

The BX_Clipper was fast, flexible, and fierce, with a wonderful overloaded snarly vibe when pushed to extremes.  It will definitely remain a go-to tool in my plug-ins arsenal.

Best of all, this studio savage already owned it as part of his Plugin-Alliance MEGA bundle 😉 

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