🎚️ Friday Fader: scared of buying the WRONG mic!?

TGIF: Turn Gain, Increase Fader!

Happy Friday, friends! We’ve had some vibrant forum discussions this week, a fun new microphone comparison video, and even a 90-minute mixing livestream! Here’s your peek at the week…

🎤 Taylor inspired our brand new Mics & Outboard Gear forum with his questions about the JZ vocal mics and UAD Apollo interfaces he’s considering buying for his new studio setup. I responded with a mic-shootout video demonstration and 4 things to consider when buying a microphone, especially if you’re worried you’ll make the WRONG decision!

  • Plus, I’m pretty proud of my forum description 😂. Can any of you 90’s kids name that tune? 🎵

🎬 I turned on the cameras last night for an impromptu mix livestream while reviewing a mix by one of our talented Protégés who I’ve enlisted to engineer and mix an EP I’m producing. If you’re enrolled in either of the courses, you’ll have access to exclusive livestream REPLAY links in your private course forums.

  • And for anyone NOT yet enrolled in a course… I’ll leave the Replay link open to all for the next 24 hours 🥳 (you will need to log in tho 😉 So go check it out while ya can!! And hit the comments w/ any questions.

👋 Say hey to our newest members: Taylor George and Nancy Nichols! We’re so stoked you’re here. Take a moment to fill out the new profile fields so we can get to know each other better! Wanna know what my “desert island” piece of studio gear is these days? Check my profile, brah 🤙

Have a great Friday and weekend!

Faders forever,


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I’m pretty sure this is legal …”
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