🎚️ Friday Fader: Free Software and Fresh Jams!

Izotope Ozone 11 EQ interface

What’s poppin’, Protégés!

For some of you it may already be Saturday, but “irregardless” 😂 It’s time for the Friday Fader – your weekly recap of Mix Protégé goodness!

Heads up: some links are “members only” – just sign-in or create your free account and you’ll be good to go!

🔎 Nathaniel Earl dropped some extreme gorgeousness this week in the Member Spotlight with his newly-finished piece. You won’t want to miss it – It’s amazing!

Nathaniel and I also chat in the forum about unconventional time-signatures in pop music, learning by transcribing, letting the composition inform the mix (and vice versa), and he even hips us to his favorite notation software, which looks incredible. I downloaded it myself, and best of all it’s FREE! All is revealed here.

🎧 Stuart Roholt also lit up the Member Spotlight this week seeking mix feedback on his excellent new Massive Attack-inspired song he’s producing for sync placements. Check it out – It’s a trip-hop treat!!

💥 Stuart also hipped me to this …. 👇


Ozone 11 EQ … for FREE!

Huge thanks to Stuart for sharing this excellent freebie! … Download it here.

I snagged it myself and can’t wait to use it. It has some super unique transient shaping tools, auto-volume-matching, and “delta” monitoring!

🥳 And let’s hear it for our awesome new members this week: Kevin Smith, William Harrington, Brandon Allen, and Alex Brown – we’re so stoked to have u all here! Please take a moment to fill out your profiles with pics and info so we can get to know ya better!

🔊 Weekend Listening: Mamahawk I’m so happy to have stumbled upon this fantastic Austin, TX-based 4-piece band while discussing music marketing in my fav music biz online community with a guy named Adam. After days of casual conversation he shared a link to his band and, uh, they’re awesome! Reminds me of lots of things… DAWES, Phoenix, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Spoon, Tame Impala, with moments of Prince, Stevie Wonder, and Steely Dan … but more synth-driven (Synthy Dan? Haha). Anyway, I’ve been listening to their previous albums a LOT this past week and they have a brand new album I’m excited to check out, too. Enjoy 😊

🎬 Stay tuned for some fun new livestreams coming soon, and until then …

Have an excellent weekend!

Faders forever,

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