🏈 Friday Fader: Mixed by Mike Ditka?

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Things people say: It’s Friday! Things self-employed people say: It’s Friday?

😂 Oh, the amazing truth in that quote. Happy Friday, peeps, and welcome to your Mix Protégé peek at the week!

🍿 Bassist-composer extraordinaire, Ike Sturm, and I hosted an epic live stream…

… during which I mixed his gorgeous jazz-orchestral piece “Restore” from start to finish, including prep, comping, mixing, pontificating, and of course plenty of laughing. It was so special having Ike (and friends!) live on camera with me, and many of you joining in to chop it up in the live chat. The replay (for now!) is available to all for FREE, and I’ve even included FIVE FUN SUPER-SHORT “CLIPS” to whet your whistle! Watch NOW in the Live Stream tab on Mix Protégé, or click one of the clips below 👇

🎛️ “Would it be better to EQ each mic separately … or should I be grouping the two guitars and EQing them together as more of a global group? Or…is it a combo of both approaches?

Jesse Lewis pinged the Mixing forum with this excellent question about EQ-ing multiple mics on acoustic guitar. Naturally, I got all fired up and responded with some of my favorite methods and philosophies. To which, Jesse offered the nicest reply, which I hope he won’t mind me reposting here. Thanks, Jesse! 🤗

And to the rest of you talented, creative sonic explorers – yeah you, Reader 😉:

⌨️ What are your favorite multi-mic acoustic guitar recording and EQ-ing techniques? If you have any thoughts, suggestions, or additional questions, please join the fun in this forum discussion!

Wishing a heartfelt and grateful Veteran’s Day to all who have served or are serving here in the U.S.A., and a fantastic Friday to all, wherever this email finds you!

Faders forever,


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