Nielsens Rockin’ Christmas

A bit of holiday cheer from our family to yours!

Each year around Christmastime (if we can get our act together), my wife Charissa and I create a holiday song in the studio to celebrate the season and to create new memories to share with friends and family.  As our family has grown we’ve included our daughter Cora in the tradition — as well as her talented friends.  

This year (2023) we went all out, recording our own rendition of “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” complete with kids choir and soloists and my best Boots Randolph tenor sax tribute 🎷.

As for microphones, I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to dress “Newman,” my beloved Neumann KU-100 binaural dummy head mic, as Santa Claus.  He played his part exquisitely and captured the choir perfectly!

A present from Christmas past and present

Charissa and I also just released three holiday covers from years past which, until now, have never been publicly available!  Charissa’s pop-star alter-ego, Roxi Jet, breathes new life into these 3 traditional tunes, dappled with the warm glow of vintage electronic synths, minimalist beat programming, and traditional woodwind instruments.  It’s a cornucopia of Christmas delights available NOW on all streaming platforms!  May it bring a smile to your spirit, a pep in your snowbound step, and a place in your seasonal playlists. ❄️ 

Mistletoe Electro - album cover

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  1. 😍 I could watch this over and over – thanks for the help, support and love @dana – I know these are so much work but years later, it’s all worth it! Plus, you’re so cute! 😘