🎚️ Friday Fader: Give those drums a haircut!


Welcome to the Friday Fader – your weekly recap of Mix Protégé activity. I wouldn’t want you to miss out on any of the inspiring comments, questions, or content! So without further ado, here’s your peek at the week…

✂️ Michael (paraphrasing Shakespeare) started a great new discussion in the Mixing forum, “To Clip or Not to Clip,” asking fellow members: “How often are y’all using clipping plugins, and in what way?” We had some excellent recommendations and use cases from the community, and it inspired me to try out a clipper plugin, myself, and see if it lived up to the hype. Watch the video below to find out!


🔍 Jon has made incredible progress on his Acoustic Project mix in the Member Spotlight forum. Among other things, we’ve been discussing the importance of building suspense and preserving dynamics while mixing. Choruses should build and be louder than verses, and we should continue to introduce new elements, new instruments, new pieces of ear candy, throughout the song. This will give shape and momentum to your mix and keep the listener actively engaged like Simpsons James Woods.👇

Check out Jon’s progress and weigh in with your own constructive ideas and big props!

You’ll wanna sign in to your account before clicking this link, as the Member Spotlight forum is for members only!


👋 And let’s welcome our newest members: Marissa Moore, Jesse Lewis, and Oliver Varga! Stoked you’re here.

📝 Take a moment to fill out the new profile fields so we can get to know each other better! Wanna know what my “desert island” piece of studio gear is these days? Check my profile, brah 🤙

🌟 And if you’re enrolled in either of the courses and feel like writing a short, honest review it would really help us out. I am humbled by this incredibly kind review from one of our amazing Protégé peers – thank you!

Have a great Friday!

Faders forever,



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