ZELDA “Carry On” – 360º Video BTS

RECORDING studio 360 w Zelda

Soooo.... I got a 360º video camera recently

It allows me to film the entire space in 360-degrees and I’m excited to find new immersive ways to invite Mix Protégé peeps into the studio with me. Here’s a lil’ test run using my new camera last Saturday at Beacon Street Studios in Venice, CA, where I produced a super fun session for a talented new artist named Zelda.

Click the link below to check it out!

Artist: Zelda • Producer: me • Engineer: Michael Leto (@Michael) • Drums: Charlie Paxson • Bass: Rick Boston

The audio in this video is solely from the 360 camera so unfortunately you can’t hear much of the song other than Zelda’s wonderful voice, but I thought it’d be a fun sneak peek at some new tech I’m hoping to incorporate into future videos.

Recording sessions are such special, private moments between the artist and their collaborators, and I’m so lucky to get a front row seat to the magic as producer and/or engineer. Now, with this cool new 360 video camera, we can welcome YOU into the recording studio too!

For the best experience, view 360 videos using the YouTube app on your mobile device

That way you’ll be able to point your phone or tablet in any direction to “look around” the studio. It’s totally surreal!

And if you REALLY want to blow your mind, check out 360 content in the Youtube VR app using a Meta Quest VR headset, or even a $10 Google Cardboard VR kit, which is the perfect affordable VR rabbit hole gateway drug.  It is super cool!

You can also view 360 Videos on your desktop or laptop in supported web browsers

Just click-and-drag on the video during playback to adjust your view.  Please note, however, that most mobile browsers do not support 360 video, which is why on mobile devices the youtube app is the way to go.  

This is also why, if you’re viewing this page on mobile, the embedded video below might not be supported.  (Or it will show a crazy, flattened, super-wide, unwatchable version, haha).  If that’s the case, just click here to open it in the Youtube mobile app.

What do you think?

Let me know in the comments below if this immersive, interactive 360 video concept has you all fired up 🔥 … or if you found it to be frustrating or technically wonky.  Personally, I’m looking forward to using it on future videos and livestreams to offer viewers a much wider view of what’s going on in my studio!

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