🎯 Shoot outs: How to pick the best mix

Dana Nielsen and Source-Nexus software

Dec 10, 2023

Your weekend Mix Protégé recap
by Dana Nielsen
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🎯 Shoot outs: How to pick the best mix or master

As a producer, songwriter or artist, reviewing options from multiple mixers or mastering engineers can be a thrilling and inspiring experience. But it can also leave you feeling confused, overwhelmed – and sometimes even underwhelmed 😬. Last week, Jeremy Roye and co-producer Nathaniel Earl enlisted two different mix engineers to take a crack at their hooky feel-good banger, “Believe in You,” and then pinged our Member Spotlight forum for help picking a winner — and boy did they get some fabulous responses from the community!

In my video response I demonstrate how I use my DAW for lightning-fast A/B-ing and loudness compensation. I share some observations about the mixes in question, and I even offer a couple of my own “take it or leave it” production ideas. Incredible song and production, Jeremy and Nathaniel!! ⚡️

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🗓️ Save these dates!

Tues, Dec. 12, 1-2pm (PST)
Our first-ever Mix Protégé Meetup!
Part Q&A, part AMA, think of it as a fun, informal way for us members to get to know each other better. Bring your burning production, engineering and mixing questions. All members welcome. Zoom link in the All Members group.

Wed, Dec. 13, 11:30am-2:30pm (PST)
Come hang out in the live-chat, follow along and ask questions as I mix a new movement from Ike Sturm’s forthcoming album, RIVER, which features incredible soloists and a 50-piece “jazz orchestra.” All are welcome. Visit the Livestreams page at the scheduled time and join in the chat!

📲 Can you mix through your phone speaker in realtime?

This great question in the Mixing forum from @shimmerisland got me thinking… AND got me fired up with a solution I’d never considered that works great! Source-Nexus is a powerful tool I’ve sworn by for many years to stream and record client sessions remotely. Turns out it also easily streams my mixes locally right to my iPhone – brilliant! But what about a free way to do this? If you have any ideas or FREE tools in your arsenal for realtime phone mixing, please share them in this public Mixing forum discussion!

🎷🎅 BONUS: Holiday Sax Solo

On Thursday I transcribed and recorded Boots Randolph’s iconic sax solo for an upcoming Nielsen family rendition of “Rockin Around the Christmas Tree” featuring my wife and daughter on vocals. It felt great to bust out my favorite Conn 10M tenor, put pencil to staff paper, and rip some raspy Randolph riffs! Fun fact: before my career as a freelance producer/mixer/engineer, saxophone was my life. I don’t play as often as I used to, but I still love playing every chance I get!

Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!

Faders forever,

Dana Nielsen

Founder, Mix Protégé

Somewhere with knobs and VU meters, Los Angeles, CA 90066
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