🤔 Is this what your vocals are missing?


Your weekend Mix Protégé recap
by Dana Nielsen

Cheers 🥂 to another inspiring, productive week on Mix Protége! The highlight for me was hearing some stunning in-progress mixes by our uber-multi-talented members. What a thrill! Plus some fantastic forum discussions, free plug-in alerts, and some exciting new releases to put on your holiday radar! Read on for all the deets….

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🧐 Is this what your vocals are missing?

Tube-Tech’s CL-1B compressor has reigned supreme the past decade as a top choice for vocals used by hip hop and pop producers worldwide. Alex Gage pinged the Mics & Outboard Gear forum to ask: are the plug-in versions just as good?

I’m a massive fan of these units and have owned the hardware and software for many years, so I was more than happy to weigh in with my thoughts and suggestions. My answers might surprise you ….

@dana Thanks so much for this in-depth reply wow!!! You really broke this baby down.” – Alex

🪈 Holy crap, is that a clarinet?!

Nathaniel Earl blew our socks off in the Member Spotlight forum, seeking mix and mastering feedback on his beautiful, EPIC new project which features vocals, lush programming, live strings and woodwinds.

I’m so inspired by Nathaniel’s music and craftsmanship, AND by our supportive Mix Protégé community who always share such constructive insights and ideas. You wont want to miss this!

Here’s a preview of my response:

“Full disclosure: I think I got a bit overexcited when the clarinet came in on the left side lol … I was like, “holy crap, a clarinet! I haven’t heard a clarinet in years!!!”). Utterly refreshing. And beautiful arranging. The mix sounds huge and wide and …” read more

🎁 Roholt’s Reward

Stuart Roholt hipped us to another high-quality FREEBIE this week: Arturia’s EFX REFRACT, available for free until 1/4/24!

Stuart’s pulse on fleeting freebies and fantastic flash-sales has been so consistently ON POINT we might have to find a proper name for them in his honor! Get this week’s Roholt Reward (working title 😂) in Stuart’s forum post.

🎄 Rockin’ Christmas

Special treats from our family recording studio to yours: Our 2023 Nielsen family Christmas song (and video) is LIVE and ready to brighten your day 😎❄️ Plus, Mistletoe Electro, our brand new holiday EP is out now!

Whichever holiday(s) you’re celebrating this season, may your days be filled with light, laughter and love!

Faders forever,


Dana Nielsen

Founder, Mix Protégé


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🫨 Mix-inspired “stank face” + FREE plug-ins

Dec 16, 2023
Your weekend Mix Protégé recap ​by Dana Nielsen
What an amazing, action-packed week on Mix Protége! The highlight for me was hanging out with several of you on Zoom for our first-ever Member Meet-up. What an incredible community of talented, kind, inspiring people! 💜 We also had some fantastic forum discussions, free plug-in alerts, a four-hour full-mix-process livestream, and some fabulous new members joining the fray! Read on, Reader, for all the deets….
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