🎬 NEW VIDEO: The secret to overdubbing live performances!

🗺️ Tempo Mapping – FREE Tutorial!

My latest video shows how I create a tempo map in Pro Tools to sync with a natural, non-clicked recording. Watch my entire tempo mapping process as I prepare for overdubs on a song by singer-songwriter, Zelda. This is one of my best-kept secrets for recording natural live performances: let the artist record freely, without a click, then build a custom click track that follows their performance for use during overdubs. ⚡️

I also wrote a blog to accompany the video and it’s chock-full of tips, tricks, and even a bit of psychology 👇

“Each time an artist performs their song without a click (especially when it’s their first time performing it that day) I get a glimpse into not just the song but also the artist’s emotional state. … Free from the confines of a click track, the song becomes a vehicle of artistic expression rather than a task to be completed accurately.”

🧱 Do brick-wall limiters change the sound of your mix?

Jesse Lewis posed this excellent question to our Mixing forum (excerpt below). Check out Jesse’s full post and hit him back with your thoughts and experiences with limiters and other gain-boosting utilities!

“When I use the limiter to increase the overall gain of the track does it change the sound in any way, other than just making things louder IF THERE IS NO GAIN REDUCTION? … I know many hardware limiters add saturation and character as a result of the audio running thru it, but I’m specifically wondering about these more “transparent” limiters (brainworks or Fab filter Pro-L for example) or even a gain utility in Ableton”

👊 Welcome, new members!

We’re all so thrilled you’re here and hope you’ll make yourselves at home, Kenny Harrington, Christopher Dunston, Lilly Graves, Yoel Weiss, Patrick Harber, and Kevin Luke! If you haven’t done so already, be sure to complete your user profile so we can get to know ya better!

Faders forever,

Dana Nielsen

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