❤️ You’ll LUFS this limiter trick!

Hi Reader, Mix Protégé has been buzzing with activity and inspiration recently, and I can’t wait to share the highlights with you! Our Member Spotlight forum is brimming with fresh mixes, and I’ve dropped a quick-tip on limiter loudness that’s a game-changer. Plus, my latest podcast appearance delves into the philosophies of recording and mixing that drive us. And we’re thrilled about a debut single from a promising artist, a collaboration born right here in Mix Protégé.

🔊 Finding Your Limiter’s Limit

You won’t want to miss this foolproof method that keeps me from getting lured by loudness! Check out my video response to Jesse Lewis’ excellent Mixing Forum question, evaluating the transparency of popular brick-wall limiters by FabFilter and Brainworx!

“When I use the limiter to increase the overall gain of the track does it change the sound in any way, other than just making things louder IF THERE IS NO GAIN REDUCTION? … I know many hardware limiters add saturation and character as a result of the audio running thru it, but I’m specifically wondering about these more “transparent” limiters (brainworks or Fab filter Pro-L for example) or even a gain utility in Ableton”
– Jesse Lewis

⏺️ Capturing Hit Record Moments

I’m thrilled to share this amazing conversation with Travis Ference on his wonderful Progressions podcast! This was such a fun hang as Travis and I covered a wide range of topics, tips, techniques, stories and philosophies for engineers, mixers, musicians and producers.

In this episode you’ll learn about:

  • Vocal Production Techniques
  • The Importance of Headphone Mixes
  • The Art of Editing Musically
  • Melodyne Vocal Tuning Tips
  • Working with Rick Rubin
  • Understanding Production is about the People, Not the Tools
  • Running a 2nd Record Rig at All Times
  • Translating Your Taste to Your Production Choices

🤝 Protégés Produce Debut Single by Zelda

Ah, to be seventeen again … Singer-songwriter, Zelda, captures the essence, excitement, confusion, and emotional turbulence at the prickly threshold between childhood and adulthood on her debut single, “17.” I’m so proud of Zelda and honored to have produced and mixed this record – with big shout-out to engineer, co-producer, fellow Mix Protégé, Michael Leto!

👊 Welcome, new members!

We’re all so thrilled you’re here and hope you’ll make yourselves at home, Drew B, Adam Love, Colin Wolfe, Andrea Lepori, Dylan Mandel, and Tom Pieciak! If you haven’t done so already, be sure to complete your user profile so we can get to know ya better!

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Dana Nielsen

Founder, Mix Protégé

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